Change Log

  • Added date separations for scoreboard
  • Increased number of news articles show in list
  • Added meta tags for non-article pages
  • Modified article styling
  • Converted app to server-side rendering (Angular Universal)
  • Configured new environments
  • Added social share meta tags
  • Added golf in Sports
  • Add ordinal values to scores
  • Fix sorting of scores to include live scored games
  • Add day of week to article dates
  • Fixed landing broadcasts not displaying all recent broadcasts
  • Increased threshold of returned broadcasts to 12 before next batch is loaded
  • Created change log
  • Fixed position of score date select slider on Safari devices
  • Added date in scoreboard to live games that are not live scored
  • Removed display of Related Videos on articles if no videos exist
Changes prior to 09/05/2021 were a part of the soft launch on 08/26/2021.